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Appliance Replace VS Repair

Typically, your appliance is going to give you 3-7 years before they start needing repairs but it is only if you will do appliance regularly maintenance. Nowadays, appliances are just not made like they used to be, you still can hear from the customer that they have refrigerators or any other appliances for about 10-20 years without any repairs. It doesn’t exist anymore. New appliances have modern design and a lot of functionality but they don’t last any longer than the old ones.

The repairs can be minor and unexpensive ($120-$300), or major and expensive ($300 and up)


We suggested to our customer to follow the following guideline:


Age (up to 5-7 years the appliance is considering new with regular maintenance and normal use)


Overall Condition and Cosmetic Condition (If the appliance has been used hard for 5-7 years, and has some obvious cosmetic worn then it makes sense to replace to a new one)


Nature of repair, Minor or Major repair (The tech will advise you if it is a minor repair or it is a major repair)


Future repairs (it is very important if this appliance has several parts on the last leg or parts are extremely worn and can be malfunctioned in the nearest future them it makes sense to replace it)


Cost (The cost is a driven factor, if you willing to pay for a repair, or it is better to buy a new unit)


If you have a 10-12-year-old washer machine that gets used hard all day long, every day and needs a major repair, such as replacement of transmission, motor, or control board which it usually costs from $300 and up, and potentially will need repairs in the next year or so, it might be time to replace to a new washer machine

It is hard to say what will work best for you, all situations are different, and may depend on your financial situation or ability to wait until a new one would come but as it was saying above a lot of new appliances have a lot of functions, very cool and fancy but they can be quite expensive and won’t last long (3-5 years). So our technicians will give you our honest, professional opinion, but also from a consumer standpoint.  If we feel like it is not worth repairing your appliance, we will tell you upfront that it would be better to replace the appliance.


We provide stress-free (repairing vs replacing) advises for our customers, based on our knowledge and experience.